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What she spreads on her skin, everyone has at home – but nobody uses it!

There are not many people that actually don’t like coffee. Statistics show that it is the second most popular drink on the planet, right after water.

Most of us drink more than one cup every day, and after that we throw away the coffee that is left at the bottom of the mug. The coffee that is left can also be used and in today’s article we are going to talk about a number of different ways that it can be used for.

  • Remedy for cellulite – If you are using products against cellulite, you surely noticed that almost all of those products contain caffeine. You can use coffee grounds with some oil as a cheap alternative for the expensive anti-cellulite creams.
  • Soap – coffee can be used as an alternative to soap. It can firm our skin, while offering a peeling-effect.
  • Hair – coffee grounds contain nutrients that are very beneficial for our hair. They will make the hair look radiant and energetic. It is important to note that this however, is only true for dark hair types.
  • Against the bags under your eyes – coffee can be used for the removal of the bags under your eyes, and it will effectively help you against the exhausted look on your face. Mix coffee grounds with little olive oil and apply the mixture on the affected area.
  • In the fridge – you can neutralize the odor in your fridge with a cup with coffee grounds inside it. You will soon notice that the smell will disappear.
  • Grill rust – we all hate smelly and sticky barbeque grills. To get rid of that, just put coffee grounds on a sponge, and then rub the grill with it. After you are done, rinse it with hot water.
  • Abrasive – coffee grounds can be used for the cleaning of pans, surfaces and pots.
  • Helps against ants – because it has a strong smell, they repel the ants from your home.
  • Helps against fleas – if your pet has fleas, you can use coffee grounds to massage your pet. After a while it will solve the problem that your pet has with fleas, and it will leave a nice smell.
  • Helps against wasps – you can put coffee in a fire proof jar and light the coffee using a match. This will dispel all the wasps in a matter of seconds, because they are sensitive to the smell of coffee grounds.
  • Helps against snails – snails absolutely hate coffee. You can protect your plants from snails, just by spreading coffee grounds on the soil.
  • Fertilizer – coffee grounds are also extremely good fertilizers. It contains nutrients, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which stimulate the growth of the plants.
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The real reason why potential natural cancer cures are kept secret!

Edward Griffin’s “World Without Cancer” is about an alternative cancer therapy that is called laetrile.

Well, so it appears on the surface, but if you read closely, and you begin to notice the bigger picture, you will see that it is about the orientation of the medical establishment in the first world countries. It talks about how the modern medicine is oriented toward radiation and drug therapy, and other extremely expensive procedures, that are proven not to be the best solution.

It is about how the pharmaceutical cancer industry, dominates the field, and how as a result of this unconscious domination, natural cancer treatments emerged.

This book talks about many natural treatments that will not damage your health to the extend where there is no going back. All of these treatments have something in common, and that is their natural roots. When people understand how the big cancer industry works, they soon realize that natural treatments cannot be patented. They first need to invent something in order to patent it, so that is the main reason why they are not even looking at anything that comes from the nature.

If they find something that actually works, they will take it in their state of the art labs, and they will take it apart and look at it on a molecular level. This will show them what the active ingredient is, and then they will take that active ingredient and put it in a pill, that will be patented and the medication sold for lots of money.

Edward Griffin must tell his story, and spread the truth:

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If You See a Centipede in Your House Don’t Kill It, Here’s Why

There is nothing more annoying than having insects in your house.

Some of them are really disgusting and related to dirt, so the first thing that people do is crushing them as soon as possible.

But, it turns out that you should not do that with centipedes. These insects don’t go after food remains or bite people like cockroaches do. Centipedes hide in moist and dark places, so they like places like the bathrooms.

Did you know that centipedes eliminate all the house small creeping animals? 

Centipedes eat spiders, ants, bedbugs, and cockroaches, which are normally hard to eliminate. As you can see, they can be beneficial for your house.

Centipedes are always calm

You won’t find them in places where you usually spend most of your time. They like humid places, which don’t include the bedrooms, kitchen, and the living room. They walk around at night when the environment is quiet.

This doesn’t mean that you should allow centipedes to accumulate in large numbers 

Put them in a jar or a bottle that has holes outside your house. Then, remove them one or two at a time. Once you notice that the number of your house pests has been reduced, release the centipedes in your compound for them to survive on their own. When the centipedes are on your compound, they will eat all the bugs. This will keep the nasty bugs from getting into your house.

You can use the centipedes as substitute for the expensive and toxic pesticides that people use to get rid of the pests from their houses.


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How to get rid of cockroaches with a method that really works?

It is always an ugly sight to spot a cockroach in your own house. They are disgusting insects that can transmit bacteria and a number of diseases.

They can appear everywhere and they usually hide in places that are dark and very hard to reach. When people are facing this problem, they usually go out and by products that are expensive. These products often times give great results but for a really high price.

Borax and sugar

This mixture is quite effective in eliminating cockroaches and number of other bugs from your home. The sugar will attract them and the borax will kill them.

How does the borax work?

Borax will dehydrate the exoskeleton of the insects and will inflict damage on their digestive system. They will die immediately, as soon as they come in contact with borax. The reason why it is mixed with sugar, is to create a poison that can attract and kill almost every bug. The sweetness attracts the cockroaches and they will die afterwards.

How to make this powerful anti-bugs poison?

The making process is quite easy. Just mix borax and sugar in a 3:1 ratio. When you do this, spread this combination on the areas that are affected by cockroaches.

The next morning, you will just have to clean up the dead cockroaches on the floor. It is recommended that you repeat this method after a couple of days just to make sure that there are no bugs left.

Please make sure that you wear gloves when preparing the mixture, as well as when you spread it. Also, if you have pets or small children, avoid using this mixture because it can damage their health if they come in contact with it.

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