Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

Remove the Aluminum, Fluoride, Lead, Chloride, Lithium, and Chlorine from Your Tap Water By Using This

Research has shown that the tap water contains different types of minerals such as bicarbonates, sulfate, chlorides, sodium, magnesium, calcium, fluoride, and chlorine.

However, it also contains heavy metals such as lead, nickel, herbicides, insecticides, aluminum nitrates, copper, manganese, and iron. According to the research, it may also have pharmaceutical ingredients such as mood and hormone stabilizers. Believe it or not, traces of strong drugs were also present in its content.

Heavy metals tend to accumulate in our body, which can cause serious health conditions. Experts link the presence of heavy metals in the body with Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease.

Other serious diseases such as paralysis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and kidney failure, have been related to heavy metals too.

Is there a solution to purifying the tap water?

The answer is cilantro, as it absorbs the traces of heavy metals from the drinking water.

The benefits of using cilantro 

Cilantro is a powerful method which contains agents with the capacity to bind the toxic ingredients. Cilantro prevents the body from absorbing these metals, as it has a unique structure on the outer walls of their cells. A study conducted at Lafayette, Indiana by Douglas Schauer, showed that cilantro can be especially useful in the underdeveloped regions.

During that study, the group examined different forms of plants. It was concluded that cilantro has a bioabsorbant potential that can absorb toxins and flush them out of the body.

Charcoal is also a filter agent, but using it every day can be very expensive.

Cilantro on the other hand is affordable. All you have to do is add a dried and grounded cilantro into the tube where the water flows. This simple method will keep the heavy metals from mixing to the water. Another option is stuffing it into a mesh bag. It will look like a tea bag. Place it directly into your pitcher.

Cilantro grows in many parts of Mexico. A handful of this spice is enough to filter 2 liters of water.

Try this organic type of filter instead of spending fortunes on carbon filters. You will not regret it.