Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

The Best Way To Reboot Your Brain, Increase Energy and Alertness in 15 Minutes

There are some towns in the world that close up so that the workers can go home and take a nap.

In the United States however, that is not the case because of the busy and fast life, and napping in the afternoons is considered to be a luxury and in some cases, it is even regarded as a sign of laziness.

Those individuals that feel guilty about falling asleep when they are watching a film, need to know that taking a nap is very healthy and completely natural. Even after a good night rest, our watchfulness and focus may decrease as the day goes by.

For our ancestors, that meant a life or death situation. That is why they were choosing to take a nap, because it renews the alertness, making a person much more focused. Unfortunately, not every large company allows this to happen, but there are some, like Google and Apple, which allow their employees to take a nap. There are numerous studies that suggest that short naps will boost the awareness and productivity.

People from the Colorado Boulder University conducted a study, which revealed that the kids that didn’t have an afternoon nap, were less interested and less joyful than the ones that they had a nap. Also, the kids that did not take their afternoon nap, were having more difficulties solving problems and they were much more anxious.

According to the researchers, a 60-minute nap will increase the ability of the brain to memorize and learn new things. This happens because of the fact that naps will clean out the short-term memory, which will refresh your brain and it will give it more space to store the new and important information.

The professionals recommend that 10 to 20 minutes is just enough for refreshing the mind and boosting the levels of energy, as well as the alertness. The short rest will provide your body and mind with energy that will make you capable of working.

If you take a 30-minute nap, then you will need another 30 minutes so you can wake up completely. Although 60 minute naps are great, you may experience some fogginess.

It is also important to remember that you should never sacrifice your nighttime sleep for a nap, because naps are supposed to be a bonus to a good night’s sleep.