A baby is given 8 vaccine doses being only 6 months old and gets a brain damage! Read this heartbreaking story!


This is a story from one desperate mother from Texas, telling us about her child injuries from a dose of 8 vaccines while being only 6 month old. Her baby named Cerenity was given the DTaP/Hib/IPV (5-in-1 combination), liver disease B, pneumococcal Prevnar 13, and the oral Rotavirus vaccine and then after a month he became very weak and experienced severe injuries.
Before the vaccination she was one healthy baby with normal development. However, after receiving them her mother July Garza noticed that she is becoming disturbed and lethargic.Then, after another month, there were consequences on her health.

In the search for some answers

Then, Cerenity out of nowhere started not to respond,both psychologically and physically. She was not able to keep her head up, she couldn’t move her arms and she seemed to have signs of having a stroke. Her parents took her to the emergency center at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital in Houston, Texas, where the doctors made her a CT scan and an MRI.
However, they didn’t know what was wrong and sent them home, suggesting a pediatrician. Even though they were really frightened, they did that.
“I was so frightened I didn’t want to put her down. She was paralyzed already when we went home, but no one knew that” explains Mrs. Garza in the story that was published on VacTruth.
Then, the following morning, Cerenity couldn’t sit and seemed to be paralyzed in many parts of the body, which made them go directly to the Kid’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston where they received the child in the Intensive Care Unit.
The doctors very fast blamed the Garzas for not caring and shaking their babyand even wanted to call the Kid Protective Services, however they asked for forgiveness when they saw what was happening.
That wasn’t a relief for the family because they were informed that their child maybe would never walk of crawl again. So, only after a month from the vaccines, Cerenity stayed in the hospitalusing a breathing device.
“It was awful, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She stayed there for 8 days and they were using steroids on her. She then was diagnosed with bleeding in her brain, she was paralyzed and also had transverse myelitis spinal cord illness,” continues Mrs. Garza.
Transverse myelitis is a neurological condition which causes swelling of the spine and can be a consequence from some vaccinations (such as chickenpox and rabies), reveal from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Transverse myelitis

Cerenity managed to stay alive, but she kept having injuries and pain as well. Some of her injuries included: difficulty to walk, numbness in thefeet, headaches and feeling pain in the back constantly. According to her mother sometimes she looked “stuck for 30 to 45 minutes.”
The Garzas family went from one doctor to another including  hospitals located in Laredo, San Antonio and Houston. In 2014, Cerenity was discovered to have Chiari malformation, which is a condition that causes the brain tissue to extend into the spine canal.
The reason for this is not really known, however the doctors suggest that it is a consequence from having structural problems in the brain and spine. However, some also consider that it can happen later in life cause from some spinal injury, “direct exposure to harmful substances, or infection” .
They felt some kind of a relief now knowing the problem, but still they had one persistent problem. The doctors were constantly pushing them  to continue with the vaccine schedule, despite her current situation.
However, The Garza family didn’t want to continue with that. They were afraid that their child would get worse and maybe even die. So, the doctors agreed, saying only that that was their policy of working.

Then, the family had to accept that because Cerenity’s access to care was under threat. Then, the doctorswere guaranteeingto give the child2 to 3 vaccines at a time in order to lower the problems. But, despite that, Cerenity’s health got worse after the second round of immunizations, which she received in October 2015.
Then, five months later Mrs. Garza discovered that the doctors actually lied to them and against their will, without telling them, they gave Cerenity again the 5-in-1 combination vaccine, DTaP-Hep B-IPV, and a Hib vaccine.
“I didn’t know that they injected her again with 6 vaccine doses then. I was shocked and really angry!” says Mrs. Garza.
They felt victimized and didn’t know their rights.But, they didn’t give up and eventually succeeded in winning vaccine exemption for their daughter, who is at the age of 3 now.
Now,Cerenityis able to walk but she still has many problems with her health including chronic headaches, irritability, damaged vision, speech impediments, difficulty communicating and behavioral problems. This is very hard for them. She was forced to wear diaper again because of her problems with the bowel movement and every time she gets up she is in pain and they hear her cry.
The mother end with this sentence:”I want to share our story for other people to read and realize the danger from this. If only I could go back in time and not allow her to take these vaccines. I feel guilty for taking her chance of being a normal kid and having a life like the others”

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